Market Research in Nigeria


What is the best possible way to conduct market research in Nigeria if one is exporting from Uk to Nigeria.


Hi Christian,

It depends on your aims and objectives. This will then have an impact on the methods adopted and the approaches and also what’s feasible in one market may not work in another. But ultimately it’s about finding the best way to speak to your target consumers to provide the answers to your business questions. One way of conducting research in another market is to work with an agency who has experience of carrying out international research, working with local suppliers and being on the ground to ensure all runs smoothly. Putting aside the smooth running of logistics, we feel it is important to partner with an agency who understands the importance of cultural nuances, getting to the heart of your target customer and pulling out key actionable insights in order to make your product/service work in that market.

Do you have any specifics on what you want to research and what products you’re looking to export?

Do feel free to contact us in anyway if you want to discuss how Northstar Research could help!


I agree with the previous response but could also propose a slightly different solution. My colleague Paola spent several weeks in Nigeria conducting market specific research on behalf of the Commonwealth Business Council. Naturally, she was able to make contacts with all the major support organisations and with some Government departments in Nigeria so she has current knowledge and experience of the market. However, it would depend greatly on the type of research you are looking for to determine if we could be of assistance.


Richard England


Dear Christian,

Thank you for your question.

I work to the team that has responsibility for a number of sectors to include, Healthcare, Food, Drink & Retail, Creative & Media, Agric-Technology to mention a few, in UK Trade & Investment Nigeria.

UK trade & Investment is the government organisation that helps UK based companies succeed in the global economy and assists overseas companies to bring their high-quality investment to the UK. There are a good number of services we can offer, most of which are chargeable, including providing market information, market-entry support, conducting research in various sectors, organising a launch event and so on. Our services are tailored to suit your needs, so we will be grateful to receive more information about your specific needs and plans if any for the Nigerian market so we can advise accordingly.


Rukayat Lawal

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