Making first contact with potential clients



I own a food manufacturing business who is looking to export our frozen ready meal range.

What is the best way to find potential wholesalers/distributors?



Dear Julia,
as part of the UKTI team in Germany, identifying potential business partners for UK companies in various product sectors is a very large part of what we do. For further information feel free to contact me on [email protected].
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Many of my customers use LinkedIn as a great way to connect simply and either free or with a limited monthly budget. There are many groups that you can join that are either product or country specific and have helpful forums where people share experiences, contacts, pitfalls and success stories.

If I can be of any assistance with managing your foreign exchnage risk then please feel free to give me a call. 01736 334695

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Peter Beech


Hi Julia
You need to decide which markets are suitable for your products, and with food part of that could be the steps you need to take to get your products to market, in the best way. Not knowing enough about your products you may also need to take into account the added cost for your customer of refrigerated transport – and therefore the final landed cost, and hence the final selling price could be affected.

Have you carried out any research yet of the markets you are targeting ?
UKTI offers some funding for research and you will also find a wealth of information on the right hand side of this page where it states "Related articles" by James Marquette

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