Mail order exporting to non-EU


Hi there, I wonder if you can help me. I am thinking of starting up a little web-site, to sell baby/childrens clothing, brand new or used, to some ex-Soviet countries (Non-EU).
What do I need to do to be able to export to NOn-EU. Please note I am not a manufacturer of the goods I would be selling.
Can some one give me an idea of custom’s fees I’d need to pay if I was exporting to non eu?
If I were doing it via Ebay, would it be easier or just the same?
Thanks a lot.


Dear Tonya
it is difficult to give a full answer at this point as some of them will also depend on where the goods are from (EU, non EU). here are a few pointers to consider:
– customs fees: once or if you know your TARIF/commodity code for the product you sell and enter it in the Market Access Database you can find out all the customs, tax and other legal requirements of exporting this product to the countries you are targeting:
– before you buy the product, you need to know what standards and labeling requirements there will for these products in country you export to. you will need to get this information for each of the countries you target as if they are not in the EU, this won’t be harmonised. you then need to make sure you are happy with your supplier’s paperwork. as an importer, the responsibility for the safety of the product may become yours.
– HMRC can help you ensure you comply with all your tax and export paperwork requirements. you will need to speak to them direct to discuss. they can also help with product classification under TARIF,
Ebay can help alleviate some of the admin and paperwork for tax, shipping, invoicing etc, but they seem to have a disclaimer where they still refuse all responsibility for the legal aspects of what you are selling so you still need to do your homework in terms of compliance with all the regulations.
The following website can take you through the basic of you will need to consider and refer to most of the contacts I mentioned:

I hope this is useful.


Dear Antonina,

Thank you for your question. As stated above exporting is a complex procedure indeed and Export regulations vary, depending on the country you’re exporting to.

Mathilade has provided you with a very good link to the guide about exporting to non-EU countries where you can find basic and useful information.

I have discussed your request with my colleagues from the CIS and have received the following feedback from them


E-business and e-shopping is not developed in Turkmenistan yet. Moreover, the market of children’s clothing is abundant. Unfortunately you would face tough competition from various retail shops physically present in Turkmenistan. It’s pity to inform that at this stage there is no market for e-shops of children’s clothing there.

Colleagues from Azerbaijan believe that it would be easier to shop via E-bay.

There is also a link to Financial and Legal Consulting of The CIS Regional Cluster where you can get more information about rates of duties for goods exporting to non-EU countries.

Kind regards,

Export Action Plan