Looking into exporting used vehicles to Africa or other countries


I’m looking into exporting cars to africa just researching at the moment.

Is there anyone that can give me some information on finding buyers and im looking for someone to purchase then arrange collection themselves

Im only a indiviudal whos looking for a new venture as i can get hold of used cars alot



There are a number of companies who are involved in this business of used cars being exported outside of the EU to continents such as Africa

You may wish to make contact with the following companies who may have the necessary facilities to help
Reliance Freight UK Limited 0208 558 2408
Lontex Export Services 0208 884 4060

or visit www.bifa.org

Please NOTE – By giving you these names I am in no way endorsing their services


Did you manage to find a solution to exporting cars to Africa? I currently export to EA and find the market is becoming very competitive, however it is still viable f the quality of the cars are good.

The biggest problem is stock shortage in UK as a lot of people seem to have jumped onto the band wagon and are buying the same cars.

If you don’t want the headache we would be very interested in taking the stock of you in the UK and pay for it in UK?

Export Action Plan