Looking for partners to sell solar mobile charging station into Europe


I am currently looking for partners to sell a new solar mobile phone charging station. This product is ideal for outdoor parks, beaches, sporting stadiums and other outdoor venues. This product has been introduced successfully in New York city and Amsterdam and we are looking to expand the product across Europe.


Hi Shannon
What a great product, with lots of possibilities. There could be 4 or 5 different channels of distributing this product.
Obviously you have the example of telecommunication companies like AT&T but you also have stage hire companies; camping resorts; theme parks; temporary event companies; colleges & universities etc.

I would be available to explore this further with you to help you find partners in different countries for you
[email protected]


Hi Gilio,
Thanks a lot for your response I will email you to discuss this further.


Good morning Shannon,

I work for UKTI, supporting UK businesses to develop in Spain.

I heard about this product a couple of months ago, and thought it was a great idea.
It would be nice to have a quick chat with you to explore this further and identify whether the Spanish market could be of interest to your company.

[email protected]

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