Looking for International Distributors


Hi I’m CEO at Studio Moderna Brands and we are present in around 40 countries worldwide across a number of brands.

Our main focus now is rapidly growing our mattress and sleep brand Dormeo and in particular Dormeo Octaspring. I’m looking to grow via distributors in India, France, Germany, South Africa initially with more to follow.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Mr Suthern,

Good afternoon.
My name is Joshua Kilpatrick and I work for the UK India Business Council, which is a UK Government initiative that exists to support UK companies to do business in India.
It would be great to have a conversation about your plans, if possible.

My email address is joshua.kilpatrick@ukibc.com to arrange a conversation.

I look forwards to potentially hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Joshua Kilpatrick


Hi Greg
Great product range with obvious international potential via a number of possible channels. We have been introducing companies to new markets for over 15 years, and have representation in all 4 of the target markets you list. Our methodology is commercial and effective. if you would like to discuss how we can best help you please contact me any time via info@exporttogroup.com or take a look at http://www.exporttogroup.com/distributor-identification.html
Best of luck with the growth plans


good morning Simon
if you are an SME, I invite you to contact my colleagues in Enterprise Europe Network South East who can present to you their free services (funded by the EU) to help SMEs find European distributors and agents.
For more information, visit http://www.enterpriseeurope-se.eu/xse/services/tech_search.asp?ContentID=034&BackTo=0&savemsg=&CustomMessage=

Contact details for my colleagues:
Tel: 0844 725 2244.
Email: info@enterpriseeurope-se.eu.

kind regards
Mathilde Murphy

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