Looking for help with Indian market entry


I am a British exporter of printing media, the material is either obsolete, indent clearance or rejection however it’s palletised and in original wrappers.

I am ideally looking to appoint a trusted local partner, distributor or even a customer who is close to the Indian market.

Can anyone signpost me or connect me with services, business support organisations, contacts etc to help me achieve Indian market entry?

Thank you.


Hi Richard
I have exported to India stationery, craft, hobby, and art materials in the past. I could help out but I would need more information.
What is the actual product ? Printing paper ? What grammage, size,packaging etc. I could then get in touch with some contacts to see what demand there might be. Is it on-going business ? You can contact me at [email protected]
On the other hand when you ask about business support organisations then
UKTI can help you, including carrying out research for you to find specific buyers through their offices in India. They also have local International Trade Advisors in Leicester to talk to.
Also http://www.greatbusiness.gov.uk/export/
There is also a UK India Business Council : http://www.ukibc.com/
Hope you find what you are looking for.


Hi Richard,

I work for the UK India Business and my email is [email protected]. If you want to drop me a line and i can look at the various ways in which we can help. Also could you tell me where in India you are exporting?

Kind Regards

Michael Benson


Hi Richard,

UKTI can certainly help you with this query. I would request you to send me some more details on your business and I can then connect you with the relevant trade team. My email id is [email protected].

Tanvi Jajodia.

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