Looking for Distributors of Profession & Retail Skincare Worldwide



We are a UK manufacturer of professional skincare and export 60% of what we manufacturer worldwide – we are always looking for new partners to work with – if you would like to know more please e-mail marketing@eve-taylor.com and I will respond accordingly.


Chris Taylor


Dear Chris,

Are you targeting the French market?
The wellbeing and cosmetics sector is the 4th largest sector in France in terms of trade balance with +€8.5billion. There was a 2.2% increase in sales in 2012. There are five strong distribution channels: Specialist stores such as perfume chains and independent perfume stores; pharmacies and chemists; large retail stores or chains (including supermarkets); hair salons; and finally Internet sites and mail order.

UK Trade & Investment can help you understand overseas markets, develop an adapted export strategy and identify and contact local partners. I am based at the British Embassy in Paris. If you are interested in growing your business in France and would like to discuss appropriate distributing channels I would be happy to discuss this with you; please contact me on mia.barclay2@fco.gov.uk.

I would also direct you to the UKTI website www.ukti.gov.uk where you can set up alerts for events such as the recent webinar we held on the French wellbeing sector, business opportunities and missions.

Best regards,

Mia Barclay


Hi Mia

Thanks for your feedback – we are not targeting France as they have a strong domestic market and we would struggle, its the same in Germany and also Italy – I would prefer to compete with the French/Germans/Italians etc here in the UK and also outside of France/Germany/Italy as its an even playing field for our market – however the french do like M&S so their is hope!

We do create great products but we are a British company trying to compete in France which is never easy – however we are about to launch a new product range that may be better suited to the market in France – however we do manufacturer 100% organic candles which could easily work as these are fantastic and very affordable and very British.

Thanks for your interest in our products.




Hi Chris, Happy to discuss your translation requirements for export packaging and inserts. We work with many leading retail brands translating export packaging. Mia’s reference to UKTI is a good suggestion, we’ve undertaken their Passport to Export programme and found it extremely helpful in looking at potential target markets. They also have an excellent programme of trade missions, which can be a good way to look at new markets. On the France and Germany question, the US market is the most crowded in the world for translation, but is our top export market, so don’t be unduly disturbed by lots of competition, it also proves there is a potential market!

Kindest regards

Mike Hunter

Export Action Plan