Looking for chinese partner for italian takeaway in Beijing


Hello to everyone,
I’m an italian guy, currently I’m living in Beijing, Haidian district, Wudaokou, and I’m looking for a chinese business partner to open the first of many italian takeaway (original italian pizza with italian ingredients, but not only..)!
What I can provide?
– A part of the initial investiment necessary to open a joint venture, machinery and rent,
– Knowledge
– Suppliers for the main ingredients
– daily work on the takeaway
What I’m looking for:
– Chinese business partner interested in the activities with or without food industry experiences.
– He/she has to share part of the initial investiment.
– He/she has to take care of all the paper work necessary to open the company.
– It is not required daily work in the takeaway.

The activity is high potential, Wudaokou (university area) is full of foreigners and Chinese who want to try and like the occidental food, especially the pizza.
We will be absolutely competitive with all the restaurants in the area (we will be an easy, fast and cheaper takeaway); in the evening we will work a lot thanks to all the pub and disco in the street.
The pizza is not the only product sold, there will be others 2 of success.
Business has VERY LOW start-up costs and maintenance, the investment is cheaper than you might think! The space required for the store is very low (so limited rents), 2 employees needed, and high revenues.
The goal is to open a second takeaway this year, and another 2 the following year.
If you are interested in learning more contact me to arrange a meeting in a cafe here in Wudaokou.
See you soon!


Hi Enrico,

I am very interested in your proposal.
Do you have business plan for the project, if yes, we can discuss it in the early October when I come back .
My email address is Charles_wei@vip.163.com


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