Looking for an experienced, efficient freight forwarder in Devon for US airfreight


I would appreciate any recommendations for Devon based freight forwarders for US airfreight. Must be able to handle US forms 3461 / 7501.


Could you provide more information about what you are wanting to ship?


Hi Peter

US is our area of expertise, even if we can not export your goods for you I can point you in the right direction of who to use.




Hi Peter,

I believe that we are the experienced (family business, founded by my father in 1975 and still going strong 40 years on!) and efficient freight forwarder that you are looking for. As testament to our efficiency I have logged a call with your colleague Julie as I wanted to talk to you further about your requirements and how we can help. I will call again tomorrow (unless you call me back today of course!).

We have 3 offices in the UK (one of which is located at Heathrow airport dedicated to air freight which will suit your requirements) and we also have an office in the USA which will be more than able to handle the customs forms you mentioned in your question.

If you would like to call me then my number is 01268 410 211.

I look forward to discussing your requirements.

All the best,

Brad Waller

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