Looking for a business partner for working in Chinese market!


Due to expanding our business, we are looking for a business parter and a Investor for opening a exciting drinking bar in China.

Please do get in touch if you want to join us.

Tel.: 01524401755, email: [email protected]


Ice Bing Dong



That sounds very exciting. Have you conducted any market research, looked into understanding your target customers, how best to cater to their needs or need to gain any insight into the Chinese market? Would be interesting to hear your approach!




Dear Lucy,

Thank you very much for showing your interest on the exciting project..

We have done massive research and worked on Chinese CPI as my company is mainly to assist companies in terms of doing business in /with China such as Investment projects, setting up offices and businesses and finding reliable Chinese suppliers from China and so on. We have conducted many market research for our clients over the past 5 year.

In brief, we are actually an expert in doing business in China. But this is one of our new project which targets Chinese market. We have chosen the resource to export to China and set up the project there. It is fascinating as it could be huge profit potential.

We are looking for a business partner and an investor who can invest some of capital on the project and of course will share profits too.

The potential investor or business partner will work with me directly and I have 100 % confidence to make this project work for us perfectly.

So if your company really wants to work with us, please do feel free to contact me either by email or by phone to arrange an inform meeting to discuss in-depth.

Have a great weekend.



Hi Ice,

Northstar is an international market research agency. We specialise in uncovering consumer insights and have done a lot of work in China for example.

I was just interested to hear how much research you had conducted prior to launching your business. It sounds like you’re well equipped.

I hope it all goes well.

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