List of UK Suppliers of Margarine 20g for a Tunisian Company


Dear All,

We are looking for UK suppliers of Margarine for a Tunisian Company.
Margarine Characteristics: 20g – Minimum Fat 60% – Total amount per month: 30 tons.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Mériam Azabou


Meriam, thanks for this. I’ll flag this opportunity to some of the relevant Trade Associations that UKTI works with. Hopefully they can help. Regards, Anthony


Dear Mériam,

Perhaps the best thing to do is to contact the key UK producers directly. You might need to provide a little more detail on exactly what you want as there are definitions on exactly what is an isn’t a margarine etc.

The industry is dominated by the 3 large companies: Arla, Unilever, and Dairy Crest. The Grocer Directory of Manufacturers and Suppliers lists 20 companies which might be involved (some to a small extent) in the production of butter and margarine in the UK, and they also might be able to help.

The Grocer Directory of Manufacturers and Suppliers:

(After opening the link, select ‘United Kingdom’ in the first drop-down menu, and then select ‘manufacturers/processors’ in the second drop-down menu, and then click on ‘search’ to narrow down the search criteria)

We hope that helps and good luck for the search.

West wishes,


Dear Anthony,
Thank you so much for your collaboration!

Dear Defra Users,
That was really helpful.Many thanks.


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