Licenses/ regulation for exporting salvaged cars from UK


Dear Sir Madam
I am an individual who is interested in buying some salvage car in order strip theme for exporting out of the UK , I don’t have a registered business yet as this is going to be my first time to do so .
but I am determent to take a positive step and I want to know where to start. i am sure you can help me find the right supplier for my need all what i want to do is buying the cars from the auctions or from the yard and remove the parts by an authorised body
I would like to know who this could be done?
what is my legal obligation in order to do so and do i need any licence or permeation ?
I am insist to do every thing within the low but i do not know what to do.
so if you could help me in any way that would be much appreciated

looking forward to hear from you

yours sincerely

This question is awaiting an answer
Export Action Plan