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We manufacture camouflage photography camera and lens covers and sell to a customer in Norway. They have said it is a legal requirement that on the packaging we state the Country of Manufacture. Is this correct?


Our business is to focus on business development in Norway. How to get the order? is what we do!

As such we tend to put the administrative issues with lawyers, accountants and others

However, I have often found that if the Norwegian client suggests that a regulation must be upheld then that is often the case.

I have taken this from the EU regulations:

"The importer has to present a Certificate of Origin at the time of import. Such certificates of origin give the customs authorities in the destination country a basis for granting preferential customs treatment. The certificate of origin must be issued in the country of export."

More info here:

Hope this helps.



If you’re targeting clients in Norway, you might want to think about internationalising your website. UKTI have a subsidised service called the Export Communications Review which can give you a tailored action plan on how to get your website visible in international search engines e.g. (change the language and the country to see if you are visible!).

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Good luck with exporting to Norway!


Dear Kevin
Having looked at a couple of websites, I am assuming that some of your products are made of textiles, in which case your products will need to be marked following the rules of marking for textiles in the EU Directive 2008/121/EF

I have a PDF copy of the BIS publication which explains this directive quite clearly – I don’t think I can attach it here, but if you would like to contact me with your email address, I will email it to you.

If you are using other packaging, then as the products are consumer goods, there are also regulations on what information needs to be provided.

Information on labelling of consumer goods can be found at:

As this is in Norwegian only, Google Translate gives a reasonable translation – :

Tracy Ruff
UK Trade & Invest – South West

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