just joined – where do i start choosing export markets?


Where and how would I get started finding the adequate market for each product I sell and contacting them.


Hi Robina,
The research that you carry out to establish which are the right markets to focus on will depend on your sector/line of business and your products.
You don’t state any of this so in general terms —
I subscribe to Xsortal. It is a useful research tool.
You can look at leads generated by UKTI https://www.businessopportunities.ukti.gov.uk/uktihome/register.html
You can look at leads generated by European Enterprise Network
If you have a consumer brand you can look at websites of companies within your industry and see on their website where to buy tab, who their distributors are. eg if you have a pencil range you can look at other educational manufacturers of rulers and set squares to see who they use.
You can attend trade shows with your local trade association.
Once you have decided on a country then you could use their local chamber of commerce network to find companies who are in your field.
You could also use the UKTI Overseas Market Introduction Scheme.
You can utilise export professionals like myself who travel to overseas markets on behalf of clients. http://exportadvisory.com/
Good luck


Hi Robina and welcome to Open to Export!

As Gilio says, it will be easier for our community to help you if you can be more specific about what products you are looking to export and what parts of the world you may be looking at.

Gilio provides some excellent tips on how to get started, and i would also suggest you take a look at some of Open to Export’s free webinars, in particular our Export Bootcamp series http://opentoexport.com/info/export-bootcamp/ is a great place to start. Webinar 2 is all about choosing which markets to target and how to launch into them.

You may also find useful articles in our Market Research section http://opentoexport.com/topics/market-research/ and once you have some countries in mind, check out our Country Guides section for more in depth information on specific markets.

Hope that helps, let us know how you get on.

Matthew, Open to Export

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