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Does anyone know whether jewellery can be exported to Ghana from UK and if so how? I’ve made enquiries with air freight and courier companies and none of them are able to help.


You haven’t specified what type of jewellery you want to export, whether it is precious, fashion or costume. I am not aware of any UK government restrictions on exporting jewellery to Ghana; however there may be some local restrictions on specific products (for instance, there are restrictions on imports of beads made from inflammable substances, and imports of diamonds may require a Kimberley Certificate).

In many cases, small parcel carriers and couriers are reluctant to carry jewellery because of high value (either for insurance or security reasons). You should try other carriers (Fedex carry quite a lot of jewellery). If your jewellery is very high in value, there are specialist high value transport companies who specialise in shipping products like jewellery.
I presume that your interest in selling to Ghana means that you have a potential client there? If so, you could also ask them about any local import restrictions.


Thanks, this is very helpful. I am looking at precious (gold/silver and diamond) jewellery and yes I have a potential client but she is struggling to get any reliable information from the relevant agencies locally. I checked with Fedex and they tell me they can handle gold and silver but not jewellery with embedded diamond. Can you give me some names of specialist transport companies I can approach please?


Hi, I can give you details of 4 companies that I know of who handle secure international transport of valuable jewellery products, diamonds & other gemstones etc. There may also be others available.

They use protected secure vehicles, direct air-side delivery to planes at airports etc:.

The ones I know of are:
Malca Amit:


Ferrari Express:


Hope this helps.

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