Is there any way to reduce the tax/duty on goods sold to USA?



Is there any way to reduce the duty charges on goods sold on a USA website but fulfilled from the UK?

Can we transfer the good to usa store/warehouse and dispatch from there?



Thanks for reaching out onto the Open To Export forum. I would suggest comparing costs by reaching out to:
1. Freight forwarders
2. Customs brokers (Click the state, then the port, then click the ‘View List’ link for Brokers) or
3. a trade lawyer about storing in U.S. warehouses.

A few items to look into:
1. Binding Ruling – you need to ask CBP about this: (by calling the local port of entry)
2. Carnet ata_carnet.ctt/ata_carnet.doc
3. Foreign Trade Zones – depending on your product

Here is a useful publication by DHL:

We have some information about warehousing if you would like further information as well.

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