is there any financial help to get to exhibitions?


We currently have a new decorating tool that has received real interest from TV shopping channels around the world, and are trying to strike a deal together with QVC at present.. There’s nothing on the market like it!
The product is on a world wide patent and has registered designs throughout Europe. It is trademarked in USA, China, and all Europe.
Please visit for full product details.

We are wanting to take the product to Las Vegas to a world wide show on the 5th of May until 7th as everyman and his dog will be there.. Its a must.

We really are needing help with getting there and exhibition fees as I have spent all of my money on IP protection and prototypes.

We have manufacturers lined up and are ready to go.. We just need some help. Please can you help and advise


Hi Andy

Yes there is! The government runs a scheme, one of my other companies in the shooting industry recently applied and we’ve been given a grant for £1500 for an exhibition coming up next month.

I wrote a blog about it which provides all the resources you’ll need:

Hope this helps!



Hi Andy,

Love your ambition and enthusiasm. Two suggestions for you:
1) Speak to your local UK Trade and Investment team (UKTI). They can give your practice advice and access to funding for overseas sales visits.
2) If you are taking exhibition equipment with you, make sure you cover the import taxes and duties with an ATA Carnet document. You can apply online via the website. If you secure international sales you can use the same service to produce the required export documents.

Best of luck and hope to see you on QVC soon!


Hi Andy

The advice about approaching UKTI is sound.

You can also find contact for financial assistance by going to, clicking on A-to-Z, and then on financial contacts.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Roger Frampton

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