Is there an Easy Guide (in English) to registering for German VAT


hi, we are looking for an easy guide / step by step instructions – in English to help make registering for German VAT easier. – All the instructions from the German Gvt. are in German (naturally), – there must be lots of UK companies that have reached threshold and registered, and would have though there would be guides / clear information in English, on what to fill in etc / and also guides on completing the German VAT forms.

This is something we need to register in the next few months, so we want to make it as easy as possible (we found easy information for French TVA, and copies of completed TVA forms)



Hi Rachel

Registering for VAT in Germany, you will need to make a submission to:

Finanzmt Hannover-Nord
Postfach 167
30001 Hannover

0049 511 67 90 6394 They will e-mail you a registration form.

Hannover-Nord is definitely still tasked with dealing with UK-based traders.

For an English version of their website, see;jsessionid=0EBBAD4F029A18D9C20CD20A704AC24E.intranet2 .

Hope this helps.



Thank-you for your reply, this helps a lot,

Kind regards

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