Is there a service you can use for documentation when exporting to Saudi Arabia?



We have a shipment going out to Saudi Arabia and are becoming very bogged down by all the paperwork, inspections, certification and reports that are needed.

Is there a service one can pay to take this all on on our behalf? To deal with Intertek, arrange for translations, confirm our certificates are the right ones and fill out all the paperwork for us?

Many thanks for any help you can offer!


Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your question. I hope you get some useful answers or leads. In the meantime, our Delivery and Documentation section may help for getting through all the documentation regarding export.

Thank you,



Your local Chamber of Commerce will be able to assist you. To find their contact details, visit


Hi Kelly
To try and assist you firstly what are you exporting to Saudi, is it manufactured in the UK or Europe, is this a direct sale to a Saudi Government Agency or a Saudi Company, do you have a Distributor in Saudi for your product. With this information perhaps we can provide you with information to export your product.

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