Is there a method of appeal on dual use by a face to face discussion ?


Is there a method of appeal on dual use by a face to face discussion ?

(This question was asked at one of our recent webinars on Export Controls. You can listen to this webinar on our recent webinars page at


Thank you for your question.

As it is unclear whether this question relates to the appeal of a refusal of a Licence, the Control List Classification of goods on a Licence or a HMRC case, I will provide guidance for all three.

If a refusal, you will have received details of how to appeal the refusal and the additional new information required.

If there is an issue with the Control List Classification applied to your goods/software/technology on an Export Licence Application, then you can always raise this with the Licencing Officer concerned who can pass the information on the Technical Assessment Unit. If there are issues to be resolved then your application may be re-opened whilst this review is undertaken. If it is decided that there are no issues, then your Licencing Officer will advise.

If your goods have been detained by HMRC/UKBF, then you need to contact them with any additional information that was not made available at the time of your goods being detained and considered, but only in relation to the Dual Use Control List Classification applied. HMRC/UKBF will then decide how to proceed.

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