Is there a market for high-end British interior design


My company makes bespoke furniture and soft furnishings – is this the sort of product/service which is exportable?


Hi Karen

If you would like to conduct some market research into a particular country, you can use interns who can conduct research in the local language. If you are interested in China or the Middle East we currently have students who speak Mandarin and Arabic and are looking for UK internships. Of course we have all the other European languages covered too, including Russian.

If you would like to find out more, please check out our website and contact me if you feel this route to market could help you to grow your business.

Very best of luck!


You may find our book on exporting useful as a guide to how the relationships can work, whether it be with agents, reps or distributors in different territories. It’s available in print and as an ebook.
There are also some notes published on the website:


I have provided a link to a document that will provide you with the answer you are looking for.
All of the designers mentioned have worked on projects overseas, so the answer to your question is an emphatic YES.
Richard England

Export Action Plan