Is there a link between controlled goods and tariff codes?


Is there a link between controlled goods and tariff codes?

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No. The Tariff is based on the EU TARIC (TARiff Integre Communautaire). The commodity code is a ten digit number although an additional four digits may apply to certain products.
The Military and EU Dual Use Control Lists do not originate from the same source. Military Control List Codes range from ML1- ML 22. UK Military List (Schedule 2 of the Export Control Order 2008) includes prohibited goods, software and technology (definitions), military, security and paramilitary goods, software and technology and arms, ammunition and related materiel which require a licence. EU Dual-Use List (Annex I of the EU Dual-Use Regulation 428/2009) – list of Dual-Use Items and technology. It includes:
o Category 0 – Nuclear Materials, Facilities and Equipment
o Category 1 – Materials, Chemicals, Micro-organisms and Toxins
o Category 2 – Materials Processing
o Category 3 – Electronics
o Category 4 – Computers
o Category 5 – Telecommunications and Information Security
o Category 6 – Sensors and Lasers
o Category 7 – Navigation and Avionics
o Category 8 – Marine
o Category 9 – Aerospace and Propulsion

Both control lists cover whole systems, parts, components, software and technology.

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