Is Nigeria a good market for health and vegetarian food?


I am considering a health related food business in Nigeria and would like your view as above. Also, I would like advice on shipping etc. pls.


Nigeria is one of the markets for your products. If you are looking forward to doing business in Nigeria I will help you accomplish it.


Dear Michael

The answer to that question would depend on the actual products you intend to export. However it is important to note that you take the time to understand the cultural and religious landscape of Nigeria.

Essentially the Country is predominantly comprised of Christians and Muslims. A quick review of the data readily available online will inform of you of the relevant percentages and centiles. It is however to note that both sets of religion are meat eaters. The Nigerian society is not so sophisticated or flooded with vegetarians of any serious proportions. Therefore on an anecdotal analysis, I do feel that you will struggle to find a sustainable market for vegetarian food.

Again on an anecdotal basis given that healthcare in Nigeria is privately funded and arguably less organised and affordable you I feel that you will do considerably better with health foods as there is likely to be a stronger emphasis on staying healthy.

My advise given without liability on my part would be to invest in some measure of market research before committing time and resources to exporting to Nigeria. I would also advise that you work with local partners to find a route to market and of course obtain sound legal advice and assistance both of which we are able to assist with. I am a lawyer qualified to practice both in the UK and Nigeria having been at the Nigerian Bar for over 20 years.

If you do require further advice and assistance, you can reach me on 0845 6 808 251

Kind regards

Uche Akali
Hallmark Solicitors


Dear Uche,

Thank you for taking the time to write. It is appreciated.
Definitely, I would contact you in the near future for further help.


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