Is it possible to start with an “opportunity” posted by the UKTI for a U.K. export agent to partner with an overseas client.


I am an exporting agent in UK, currently still researching for product markets to export from UK to ideally Germany/ Europe. Having been advised it is always to good to start with a buyer, I was wondering whether UKTI offers someone like me to take advantage of their buyers (opportunity) to begin from. Thus starting with a buyer narrows down my search of product and focus on finding supplier, resources, quality, planning, etc. Or would UKTI turn around and tell me to go on my own spend all the time and money starting from scratch and finding my own buyers and come back to UKTI after some experience as they would say??
hope someone could help as I am seriously looking for advice and help. Even if anyone who has started like me willing to offer advice please welcome to do so.


Dear Sri,

UKTI can help you find buyers in Germany. Our colleagues in the British Embassy can do research on your behalf.

The best thing for you to do is to contact your local International Trade Team.

Companies in London – export enquiries

UKTI London
10-12 Queen Elizabeth Street


Tel 020 7234 3000

Hope that this helps.

Jennie Rich

Export Action Plan