Is FOB common practice on export from UK to South America?


looking at sending secondhand goods to peru, and am trying to find out more about the process, and current common practices while calculating costs.



I export to South American markets on an almost daily basis and use a variety of Incoterms, personally I prefer CIF, DDP or DDU.

If you are looking to deepen your understanding of Incoterms and export procedures I would suggest looking at the various courses offered by Strong & Herd LLP:

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FOB is a term only for goods sent via seafreight. If this is not your chosen mode of transport you need to look at FCA You need to pick the term most appropriate to your contractual needs, the arrangements you have made in the country of destination and what your importer can handle. You also need to decide how much control you want to exercise over the delivery.
Sometimes it is better to keep control so that you can ensure delivery to contract.

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