Is an Export Licence required?


We have imported rolls of graphite sheet material for use as a thermal interface material in Electronics. We now want to export it to a customer in the USA. Do we need an Export licence?


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You should check out the FAQs on the US. Bureau of Industry and Secuirty (BIS) []. It states, in order to figure out if your item requires an export license, you should know your Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). ECCN entries are found on the Commerce Control List (CCL) and identify reasons for control which indicate licensing requirements to certain destinations. (Other reasons an export license may be required for your shipment relate to concerns about the parties to the transaction and the end-use of the item.(

FAQ on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website []

I hope this helps but I believe your best option is to contact someone at the Office of Exporter Services in Washington DC Tel: (202) 482-4811.

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UK Trade & Investment | British Consulate-General | New York, NY 10022


Dear Mal

You can check whether an Export License is required by going to the following website:

In the majority of cases exporters don’t need an export license – however they are often required on military products, for technology products to countries where there may be export restrictions in place or for products which may be put to a dual use (where a product may be used for military or nuclear industries). For more information on the export of drugs, animal foods, plants, cultural artifacts, chemicals/pesticides see the above link for guidance on appropriate organisations to approach.

If you are unsure whether your product needs an export license you can check by emailing the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Export Control Organisation at [email protected] to check whether restrictions are likely to apply.

Mal, I am based in Norwich and would be pleased to pop over and see you to discuss how UK Trade & Investment can support you with your exports, my email address is [email protected] and my mobile is 07717 290 319

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