Is a specific license required when sending goods inter-company to embargoed countries?


In reference to embargoed countries, we on occasion may be asked to deliver goods intercompany – this may not always be the end user- do i need a specific license and what is the best way of managing end users as this may not always be declared?

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Licences are required even for intercompany shipments, but if your company is located in an embargoed country then it’s unlikely you’ll get a licence.


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Although many embargos are different (and may be brought into force by different entities), the ECO website carries the following explanation:
"An arms embargo is a prohibition or sanction against the export of weaponry and dual-use items – goods which have both a civil and military use. An arms embargo might be imposed via various routes such as by the UN, EU or OSCE and where the UK has imposed regulations as a result."
The Export Control Order of 2008 carries the following definition:
"“embargoed destination” means a country listed in Part 1 or 2 of Schedule 4;" [of the order]

We would need further information from you to provide advice on your question ie what are the goods; where are the goods being exported from; are they being sent for stock purposes etc.

See this guide which explains the importance of knowing who the end user is; and outlines the completion process for the End User Undertaking.

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