Inward Processing Relief Process


Can anyone please help us with the latest inward processing temporary suspension process. We receive components from all over the world which we temporarily import before processing and re-exporting. What is the latest/most efficient process for applying for a temporary suspension if you are doing it on a regular basis.?


Assuming you do not have a full IPR authorisation and your goods/frequency of IPR imports do not qualify for use of the simplified authorisation by declaration, in these circumstances, you would need to apply to HMRC for a full IPR authorisation. Please contact me if you need some advice on how to go about this.


Further to Dean’s reply above, please see the steps required to obtain full IPR authorisation –

1. Complete Form CCG1 to apply for a Comprehensive Customs Guarantee

2. Receive Questionnaire from HMRC, complete and return.

3. Provide security using form CCG2 (done by your Bank or whichever financial
institution you use to provide your guarantee

4. Complete application form SP3 (to apply for IP)

5. (hopefully !) Receive authorisation.

Note – step 1 can take 3 to 4 months for HMRC to process and must be complete before the application process at step 4 can be done.

Part of the assessment process for the guarantee and the IP authorisation involves demonstrating annual usage and potential debt to secured under the guarantee in terms of how much value you are going to import under IP.

The actual application process takes around 30 days once the form is accepted as being sufficiently complete and providing all info Customs need.

You may wish to discuss with your accountant as well as you’ll need to provide financial records – both for the guarantee and ultimately you’ll need details of where you records are kept etc. for the IP authorisation.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to advise.

I wish you the very best of luck.

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