International market for Ugandan crafts – a social start up



I live just outside London and I’m planning to establish a UK registered (social) business that will largely involve developing products being crafted by micro-enterpreneurs in Uganda and carving out an international market (primarily UK/European via an online sales platform) for them to boost income. I’m now partnered with 7 NGOs and plan to work on developing the micro businesses of their beneficiaries (micro entrepreneurs) in the cities of Kampala and Jinja. I’m pretty much starting from scratch and so any guidance or advice on international trading in small goods, transport and logistics, imports, exports, tax, regulations etc. for an internet-based business would be immensely helpful.

Thanks ever so much, in advance!


Hello Rebekah

Thank you for your question.

Your business model sounds very interesting and rewarding, I am sure your products will have great export potential throughout the EU as well as domestically here in the UK.

You may wish to take a look at our dedicated international e-commerce feature, which includes three detailed webinars covering everything from getting started to fine tuning your operations:

I hope this helps and good luck!

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Thanks very much for your advice Gemma, your links are really helpful for getting started.
I appreciate your support and encouragement!

Best wishes,

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