Insurance for Food & Drink international consignments to consumer



I am having trouble in getting insurance to insure my business who will be exporting food and drink to the average consumer.

I have been told by lots of insurance companies that they cannot insure food and drink for international consignments.

Does anyone know of any insurance companies in the UK that can help?

Many thanks


Hi Malti

Generally speaking the insurance can be raised by your freight forwarder who will then handle the procedure for you. If you’d like me to look into costs etc. please contact me on the details below.


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Hi Malti,

You can, also, set up your own annual marine cargo/transit insurance policy to cover loss or damage to your goods whilst being shipped. Cover will be from your own premises to final destination. However, please be aware that there will be certain exclusions such as deterioration and damage due to a change in atmospheric conditions in view of type of goods you will be sending. Other factors to take into account is the value per sending as an excess is likely to apply to each and every claim.

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Thank you all for your suggestions so far. Malti

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