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Good evening everyone!
I would like to ask a question, I have my own company in London , but for personal reasons I need to live in Poland for a while ,
I’ll run my small company from here ,
I need to apply for the eori number to import and export( small quantity for now) here and from Poland , do I need 2 numbers ? One to import and one to export? Also when I ll apply , about my address should I put the address of my company or the address where I live now? When I’ll get my number , how it works ? Should I just write it on the box to import or export?
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Your EORI number is valid irrespective of how many transactions you undertake in the import and export of goods but you will need to apply for the relevant EORI number from any other EU country (in this case Poland) you decide to set up business in.

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Good morning Jan.
Thanks for answering,
Actually I already have a company , but in London , if I get the English eori , can I get stuff here in Poland from non eu countries?
Is that possible?
Thanks again!
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As you are not looking at setting up an additional business, but undertaking business under your London based company from Poland, the address to be used should be the one where the company is registered (i.e UK)

You may import goods into Poland from outside the EU using the GB EORI number. (for your vat returns, you will get that in the UK but not through the Polish Customs Authority)

If you would like any assistance in arranging your imports then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our in-house Customs compliance department will be able to assist in any matters with regards to the above.

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