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I would like to start trading in India, exporting services there as well, but need to set up a ‘branch office’.

I am finding the process very difficult, and haven’t even managed to set up a required bank account in India through which the necessary forms must be submitted.

Can you help?



Thanks for posting your question. I would suggest contacting UKTI in India who should be able to help you.

UK Trade & Investment Delhi
British High Commission
New Delhi
Chanakyapuri 110021

+91 (11) 2419 2100

Hope that helps.




Thanks for posting your question,

We on behalf of QX Corporate Advisors, can help you out with your branch establishment in India.

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Hi Stephen

I can help you to do most of the work yourself sitting in UK, rest need a local rep to help you further.

We are a company in UK, trying to setup our own 3 offices in India and learnt in the process. Can share my experience with you, if you can send me your requirement to
At some point you would need a local person to help you out, cannot do everything sitting here. I can help you with some directions. Let me know in your email, which part of India you would like your initial office to setup and the type of business activity you would be doing. That will narrow down to respond.
Remember, every state in India is a country in itself, with its own taxation and jurisdiction restrictions. So thread carefully at the initial stages.

Good Luck.


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