In which countries is it illegal to use a lifetime guarantee on the packaging?



We are a cookware manufacturer based in the North West and as we are expanding our business overseas, we have decided to create some multi-lingual packaging. One of our range features a lifetime guarantee and whilst developing this new packaging we have been informed by a German partner that using the term “lifetime guarantee” is illegal in Germany. They recommend to use “Lifetime customer satisfaction” instead.
We are now concerned that stating a lifetime guarantee could also be illegal in other countries.

We have approached the trade advisors of the different countries we would like to trade with so we are now waiting for their feedback. If there is a chance that anyone on this forum has experienced the same issue or who knows that it is illegal to use a lifetime guarantee in a specific country, I would love to hear from you.

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Hi Sabrina
From experience Germany,Austria and Switzerland tend to follow similar trading standards.
Japan also has its own peculiarities, so to speak- so I suggest checking there as well.

We tended to have to ask our distributors in overseas markets, and as per usual with export, you would get some who don’t respond.


Hi Gilio,

Thanks for your answer.

I am actually waiting for a confirmation from a trade advisor in Switzerland.

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