Importing Vespas and Lambrettas to the UK.


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I have stumbled on this forum because somebody appears to have asked the question already. I am looking at the same industry. I have sourced a contact in Vietnam whom we have negotiated a price, and we are both will to enter into business whereas I am shipping Vespas to the UK to be sold.

My question is, I have found some information, but being new to this and relatively limited in research time, I cannot get my head around this “GSP Scheme”

I did notice some people say that they can also source them from other areas of Asia. I would be very willing to learn more from others about price points as well.

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Vietnam is included in the standard GSP country list. Furthermore it doesn’t appear that motorbikes are excluded in this scheme. Our imports department would know more about this.

If you would like some professional packing/ unpacking and pricing on shipping drop me a line as we currently ship motorbikes packed into containers all over the world.

Graham Bedford
Jenkar Shipping Ltd


Oh also the person in Vietnam will NEED a GSP certificate for the goods, that they will have to get from their government confirming that the bikes are indeed manufactured in that country.




Hi Pancho,

Thanks for your question. This forum is primarily for UK exporters rather than importers. I’ve allowed your question for now as you may have found the service useful anyway, but in future, please ask questions relating to exporting out of the UK and not the other way round.



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