Import Licences for Computer Goods into China


We are trying to export servers to various sites in China for one customer. The goods are at customs in China and we have just been informed that the customer doesn’t have the relevent Import Licence for electronic equipment.

Our shipper is saying the customer needs to sort this out and their local agent cannot really help, but the customer is saying they don’t really know how to go about getting this (these – do they need a separate licence for each site?)

Can anyone give any advice we can pass on to the customer about how to obtain the licence and timescales involved.



Hi Gary

The Shipper need’s to obtain a License in China ( to allow them to export the goods ), Customs in China are Very Very Strict with this type of thing and will not release any cargo with out it.if the license is not obtained they may even request the cargo to be Destroyed/returned !! The shipper need’s to speak to Customs in China and apply for a License, how long this takes i do not know.

We are a Family Run shipping company in Belfast Dealing with Deep Sea Exports every day, if i can be of any help to you please get in contact, We can supply very competitive rate for the far east.



Hi Gary
If you contact me by email [email protected] or 01256 840884 I can give you details of our partners in China who could contact the consignee and see if they can assist with this problem.
Mike Barnes


Hello Gary,
I am wondering what the classification /tariff heading you used for these goods on export out of UK. The tariff heading would normally flag the need for an export/import licence. There are a lot of regulations in force regarding the movement of communication equipment and they are particularly concerned about possible dual use items.
You may be liable for demurrages/quay rents if your Importer does not resolve this issue.
It takes on average 20 days in Uk to obtain a Licence but that is once all conditions have been met satisfactorily. The preparation of the submission can take a couple of weeks. China is not the quickest country to respond to Licence applications so I think you need to
ensure your consignee does not delay with the application. He should contact a specialist broker who will do the application on his behalf. Also you should have a plan B, i.e what if the goods cannot be imported. Get a rate to return the goods and also the cost of clearing Uk Customs. You won’t be liable for VAT or Duty as your Broker will submit evidence of export. Good Luck with it. Glyn Windsor

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