Import duty, Doha


Does anybody know if charges for on-site engineering support and training are subject to import duty when they are declared on a commercial invoice along with physical goods?


Hi Julie

I was hoping someone else would have responded by now, but as they haven’t and we like helping UK exporters…

Does your question relate to duties applied in Doha, the city, or the Doha Word Trade Agreement discussions? If it is the latter and your question related to import duties in the USA (where our company helps UK SMEs), please get back to me and we will do our best to assist.

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Dear Julie,

Thank you for your question.

We are in the process of finding one of our commercial colleagues in the British Embassy in Doha to give you a detailed answer and to offer you some help in doing business in Qatar. Due to the facts that it is now the weekend in Qatar and that we have a Bank Holiday on Monday, it looks like Tuesday 28th August will be the earliest that they be able to respond. Apologies for the delay.

In the meantime, I hope that this website might be of use,

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Jennie Rich


Hello Julie,

My understanding is that duty is payable on all goods and services. It is essential that any company intending to do business in Qatar seek legal advice and take a good look at whole picture in terms of tax and legal implications. I have provided a link which will take you to the British Embassy Doha (Qatar) website. From here you will be able to see an up to date list of practicing lawyers in Qatar.

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Sarah Womack

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