Import duties – sending goods from Spain to Portugal


My organisation has just started operating in Spain as a distributor of engine oil lubricants; this is a new division of our global business, located in the UK.

We appear to be unable to sell products to Portugal as the customers are insisting import duties are paid by the seller; I am being advised you need a Portuguese entity to pay import duties.

Is this correct….and any recommendations about how/who best to use to facilitate deliveries to Portugal and payment of import duties?


Dear Gavin,

As Portugal is a member of the EU the main issue may be the manufacture coming from a out of the EU- let´s say Brazil- or an indirect application over the price of some special tax, which are a concern when it comes to Portugal (like the Imposto sobre produtos petrolíferos).

The INCOTERM should help to determine who bears with such importing costs but years ago the continued smuggling of oil products and derivatives- usually trucks that rerouted through our neighbour country- probably made locals a bit wary to bite the bullet (they won´t pay what they never paid for even if had to) .

If you need further assistance you can find me at

Send me the relevant details and I could find you some local counsel to discern if it´s a legitimate cost or the locals just want you to assume the new expense because they weren´t used to pay it.

Best regards,

Jose Garriga

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