I would like to know for distributing laboratory goods, do I need a licence or not?


I would like to export Laboratory goods to The Middle East, is there any licence for this type of export?


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We recently hosted a series of webinars on Export Licenses, and though it is a broad subject, I hope the third webinar may contain some useful advice:


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Laboratory equipment covers a wide range of instrumentation which can have a number of end uses. Your equipment may be crucibles or Bunsen burners – you haven’t said. However some types of instrumentation is controlled – suggest you check the control list entry on goods checker https://www.ecochecker.bis.gov.uk/spirefox5live/fox/spire/

For instance: CAT 2B covers

" Fermenters [which] can be used for the research, development or production of biological weapons. They vary in size with smaller units (table top) used for laboratory research and larger units (large vessels) used for production purposes. The vessels are typically made of stainless steel. There are many commercial uses for fermenters including the manufacturing of beer, wine and whiskey as well as production of pharmaceuticals."

" Interferometers are specialized systems that are used in testing of the high-speed components of a nuclear weapon such as the trigger devices. These are specialized items that are unique and are normally produced within a laboratory"

So it’s good to check the lists. You also haven’t said which market in the Middle East. If you know who the end user is and where they are based – you may like to ask them what the items are being used for.



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