I would like to export medical equipment from UK to South Africa, how do I go about this?


I need to know about market penetration in South Africa


There are specific regulatory requirements in South Africa dependant on the type of Medical equipment and whether this is tender business of for the development of regular supply. Compliance and pre export documentation will be essential to ensure a smooth import process but should also be linked to your market entry model – e.g. third party distributor .
Risk mitigation is highly important especially in relation to payment and also to protect any patents or to secure you Intellectual property in advance.


If you are new to exporting, you may find our website and ebook useful: http://exporting-made-easy.com/
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You might find our contract templates useful, there are a range for cross border use and they are great way to check what terms you need to consider and to reduce your legal costs. You should of course, always get specific legal advice for your particular situation.

Here are some Agency agreements, for example,

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