I wish to find cycling distributors in France


Working with a client who wishes to find a cycling apparel distributor in France for a patented product designed by a recognised product designer from the UK.


You can contact your local Enterprise Europe Network office in Glasgow who offers a commercial partner search service free of charge and can set up a profile for you to expose your request to French companies working with their local Enterprise Europe Network offices in France. http://www.enterprise-europe-scotland.com/sct/about/feedback.asp?ContentID=0208&BackTo=0&savemsg=&CustomMessage=


This is a highly competitive market in which there is probably no room for a distributor’s margin. The cycling (and other sports) market is largely dominated by the giant sports multiple Decathlon.
If your client’s product is top-end it might be possible to find an agent introduced into independent boutiques.
Please let us know if you would further information.

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John Gleave
UKTI France


Hello and thank you for your question. UKTi France are correct in respect to the multiples. However, there is a very large chain of bike shops which also sell accessories as well as many smaller independant stores which serve the ‘very enthusiastic’ cyclist of which there are hundreds of thousands in France. We would be happy to have a meeting to see your client’s product and to discuss ways in which it can be brought into France without going through the sport multiples of which Decathalon is only one. We specialise in finding distribution networks for all types of products and are successful to date in doing so. Please feel free to get in contact.
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