I wish to attend the American Society for Anaesthesilogy Meeting


This major global meeting is on Oct 13-17 in Washington DC. As a company in the Aneasthesiology area how do I get support to attend as it is not one of the UKTI shows identified for a Trade Mission


Hi Kevin,
Although there is no official trade mission associated with that show, our team in DC will be running an event during the ASA conference and would be happy to extend an invitiation to you. I understand you are already in contact with Patrick Brennan; if you drop him a note, he will give you all the details.
With regard to other support/funding, I strongly suggest you get in touch with the Scottish Development International team (http://www.sdi.co.uk/) who can talk through your options; SOLO support might be available here. If you need an introduction please do let me know.
Kind regards,

Sue Marsden – Head of Trade Services

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