i want to become an export agent for grapes from india?? can any one help to how to start? i have exporters who are ready to give me grapes?


i want to become an export agent. so i want buyers for grapes from uk,us, netharlands, etc. can i get any asistance. and also what are the requirment for documentation work?? plz reply


First you need to build a business case and a business model.

You need to work out your costs

It is not just the price of the grapes, you need to add export administration charges, transport, loading, international transport, destination unloading and transport, warehousing, import duty and tax, administration costs etc. etc.

Only once you have done this can you work out if there will be a market for the product.
Then you can set about finding buyers for your product.

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how can i find export agent for grapes in uk?? can any one tell me??

Export Action Plan