I need help in Importing to Russia


We are a small family run business based in Middlesex. We sell pet supplements throughout the UK and Europe and have had an order sitting waiting to go to Russia. We have been told that Russia are not accepting new Suppliers on there list of approved suppliers, but our customer in Russia is telling us the opposite.
So my question is Does anyone know how to get on the Russian list of approved Suppliers


Are you looking to send the goods to a business, or a domestic residential address in Russia?
We might be able to help you. Have a look at our Web page.
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These are the permissions that you will need t be successful.
1. The License of the Ministry of Commerce approved by the "Ministry of Agriculture"- except for dog or cat food, packed for retail sale – obtained before the entry
2. Permission from the Ministry of Agriculture – For products used for animal feed – obtained prior to entry;
3. Approval (in the form of a stamp) from Gosvetnadzor For finished feed – obtained at the border (on the basis of veterinary certificates from country of origin);
The rest are usual import papers.

Two first documents are really difficult and expensive to get so I would advise that you find a company in Russia who specialises in the importation of such products and that have all licenses and permissions.This is the only way to import in my opinion.

I would ask UKTI for help. The contact I have at the embassy in Moscow is Irina.Karabanova@fco.gov.uk. This is not her area of specialism but I am sure she will know someone who can help you find the right Russian partner for this importation.


I was curious and looked into this further and it is worse than I thought.

The producing company must really be included in the special register of Rosselhosnadzor (controlling body for foods in Russia). And as far as I understand this register is done on the basis of a list of approved companies that each country exporting pet foods in Russia applies to this Russian body.

It is all rather complex. American pet food producers refused to apply this list considering it an exaggeration and now there is a lack of American pet foods in the market.

I hope this helps.


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