I’m looking to start exporting beds (mattresses and bases), including contract beds for hotels, to India and need help finding buyers – can anyone offer any advice?


We sell beds and mattresses for domestic use and contract beds for hotels. We’re making over 10,000 beds a month and would like to start selling these in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We’re ideally looking for a nationwide retailer to stock our beds, and finding hotel chains to use our beds.


If you email me I can help you on your fist step to Bangladesh.


Hi Michael
One thing you will need is good translated material – English isn’t at all common in these markets outside the white collar set. If you don’t already have this done, finding a reliable translation source is quite tricky out there (I speak from experience!) but we now have a well-established language partner in India so if you need a lift with brochures etc. we’d be pleased to help.
Obviously you’ll want properly-typeset stuff rather than just Word files (!) so we also work in Quark, InDesign and Illustrator all the time in non-English languages including these – I can send you some examples if you like, just drop me a line. Hope this is helpful!


Hi Michael,

Having previously sold Airport Furniture to India I suggest you contact and make an agreement with a sales agent. Although it reduces your margin, it will reduce the costs for marketing. This should provide a base to work from whilst you find your feet in the market. Once established you may be able to move to direct sales. I still have my sales contacts for India so if you can email the details to me I can check if an introduction can be made.

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