I have a order from a company in Nigeria, how do i know if the company is legitimate?


I have an order from a company in Nigeria called Saliche Consultant Agency who are arranging it on behalf of Landmark Hotels who they have asked me to invoice the pro forma too.

How can I find out whether this is legitimate or not as if it is we would like to proceed with the order.

They have agreed to pay 70% in advance and for us to arrange the shipment.

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The only real way is to have a trusted person in Nigeria who can get background on owners of Saliche Consultant Agency. We have a trusted partner in Nigeria who I have worked with for more than twenty years. They can get this background information for you would charge a fee.

Please let me know if you want to pursue this option & I will provide details.

david bill@plexuschem.com

David Bill


Hello David,

Thank you for your response on Open to Export.

In regards to checking into whether the company is legitimate what fee would we be looking at?

We are not a huge company which is why I am asking.

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Dear Matthew

When are the Nigerians going to pay the balance of 30%.
Are you going to hold the shipment until balance is paid?
The Nigerians should be able to produce a "M " form concerning the payment.
The shipment may be subject to SONCAP Inspection.
Please contact us directly with details of the shipment and we will calculate the freight
costs etc. Either by email colin.crown@ntlworld or phone 01263 513127

Best regards

Colin; Crown Freight

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