I buy from fineGoldBars UK Metal Invest Ltd


Hi Sirs

On the 10th july 2013 I buy 16 kilos pure silver from FineGoldBars UK Metal Invest Ltd 21 Spencer Str Jewellry Quaters Birmingham B18 6DS Company reg 08282371 for the sum of 6373.28 euro and I never recieve them I make contact with them and they change names and silly answers and even they cancel the order and they tell me that they are refund the money back but that never heppen , I phone them and always find an answering machine

Can you see what kind of company is this please that is a shame that work in UK



I am very sorry to hear you are having difficulty with a British company, please be assured that this is not how most UK businesses operate. British exporters are normally commercially focused and customer dedicated, I hope this experience does not deter you from purchasing goods from a British business in the future.

I assume you are a Maltese business? In which case we are all ultimately governed by the same/similar EC regulations and you will be able to seek guidance from the European Commission Export Helpdesk:


If the exporter continues to be unresponsive and uncooperative you may wish to use arbitration, ADR (Alternative dispute resolution), Mediation or legal enforcement to resolve this matter. Here are some contacts that should be able to assist you further:

Malta Arbitration Centre,
Palazzo Laparelli, 33,
South Street,
Valletta, VLT 1100
Tel: +356 2122 2557, 2124 4497
Fax: +356 2123 0672
E-mail: malta.arbitration@mac.com.mt
Website: www.mac.com.mt

Malta Mediation Centre
Justice Unit
30, Old Treasury Street
Valletta VLT 1410
Tel. : +356 2125 1110
Fax : +356 2122 1307
Email: mediation.mjha@gov.mt

Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise an Industry
Exchange Building
Republic Street
Valletta – VLT 1117
Tel. : +356 2123 3873
Fax : +356 2124 5223

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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