I am told there is a quicker & easier method than EUR1 for Mexico


EUR1 form is used to establish eligibility for zero duty under EU-Mexico Free trade agreement. My Mexican partner tells me other UK exporters he deals with have a more streamlined method involving some kind of UK exporter registration .. can anybody explain for me?



You can streamline the process of exporting under the EU preferential trade agreements by becoming an approved exporter with HMRC.

An approved exporter has an authorisation number which is added as part of an invoice declaration to relevant exports. An invoice declaration will enable the same benefits without any cost.

You can become an approved exporter by completing the C1454 form, available here:


Note that the application process normally involves a full customs audit.

For more information about invoice declarations and the benefits of becoming an approved exporter I would read section 5 of Customs Public Notice 827:


However it is also worth noting that by previously raising an EUR1 and exporting under preference you have already declared you have read and understood this notice.

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Your partner is most likely referring to the ‘Approved Exporter’ scheme.

You can read more about the scheme, including how to apply, in HM Revenue & Customs’ Notice No. 827 – European Community Preferences: export procedures.

It can be found on the HMRC website www.hmrc.gov.uk.
Library>publications>notices>import, export>publications

See also Notice 832 – Tariff preferences: Rules of Origin for Mexico.

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