I am looking to export Electric Cigarettes to africa


Please could any manufacturer help me export E-cigarettes to s.AFrica,

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Frankie Kington
International Trading Agent


Hi Frankie

As mentioned above, there are already web-sites selling electronic cigarettes in South Africa, so it might be worth considering identifying a suitable import partner/distributor via the OMIS service.

Legality surrounding Electronic Cigarettes in South Africa
"It was only recently that electronic cigarettes have been made legal in South Africa. When the country’s smoking laws were revised in 2009, e-cigarettes were exempt from the ban on smoking. Because they do not contain tobacco, they do not harm individuals or cause second hand smoke. So, the government has made it legal for individuals to purchase e-cigarettes".
taken from http://www.electroniccigaretteadvisor.com/south-africa/

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Donna Whelan


Hi Frankie

I am the UK Trade and Investment Advisor dealing with the retail sector in South Africa.

In recent years, electronic cigarettes have gained in popularity in South Africa and there are a number of companies already selling these products. Twisp has a local presence at the higher end of the market, while at the lower end (offering cheaper prices) are a number of agents representing other lesser known international brands, and some local ones, as well as imported products from China. Points of sale are mainly online, through an agency basis or at kiosks in shopping centres.

As such, there are a number of operators in the market and you would need to have a unique selling point to set your product apart and allow it to be competitive.

Should you wish to proceed, please do contact UKTI South Africa for assistance.

Raksha Maharaj


As advised already i think it could be a tough market for you to break ito as the compeition from Far East could be too strong.

We run a part load service to this area from UK so if you need any rates from UK to South Africa please let me know.

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Dave Eales
Excel Shipping Limited
Tel 01708 515151

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