I am looking to export books would I need to form a complany in order to do this?


I have an overseas buyer interested in me sending him books from the UK. I do not have a company and want to know whether it would be necessary for me to form one (if so how do I go about doing this?) or would it be possible to engage in export trade without one?


Hi Kamran,

If it is a one off order then there is no reason why you cannot export them as a sole trader
(ie: EORI Unregistered) However if you intend to export the books to him or for that fact any other customer you will need to have an EORI Number at some stage.
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Hi Kamran, your question is very general, and there are a range of pros and cons concerning legal status of a business. There probably isn’t a "one size fits all" answer to your question. The biggest benefit of forming a UK limited company is that you minimise personal risk if anything goes wrong. The process of setting a company up isn’t particularly long or difficult should you decide to do this. Your local chamber of commerce is a good first port of call to get advice in this respect. As regards export, there is no theoretical reason to preclude a sole trader or partnership from exporting, but you may find benefits in limited company status. Hope this is helpful. Regards Mike


could you tell us which country is the customer from? Europe or not? there will be different requirements depending where you export, the quantities etc.
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